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Fiber Optics

                                                         Fiber Optics

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 This program is suitable for Engineers and Technicians from all backgrounds. It is also designed  to enlighten non-engineering managers like the procurement managers on Fiber Optic technology awareness. This enables them to make informed decisions about costing, quality of the cable and future expansion plans. The course entails practical application in the modern industry where sensors, SCADA systems, PLCs and other automated functions that are currently embracing Fiber Optics as the media of choice in relaying signals in all these applications Click here to down load the program, To view what you missed the last session, click here, to book online, click here 

Fibre Optic Procurement

We believe, we provide the highest level of experience and knowledge within fibre optic training and fibre optic installation and testing services. We offer our Fibre optic services both in the field and the training centre using only highly qualified and experienced staff.

When purchasing fibre optic equipment, the "least expensive can prove to be the most expensive" along with the nightmare experiences and heartache this can bring.

Consultancy & Procurement

Fibre Optic Training is usually the first option put to one side in  times of difficulty, without a thought to the hidden high costs that occur due to inexperience in time lost, bad installation or inaccurate test results, with the outcome of possible embarrassment or lack of professionalism for the company involved.

The signs of good telecommunication consultancy or procurement services, i

s where the company provides guarantees against it's fees and provide a cost  absorbed, in the cost savings of the service provided, saving you the customer money and achieving reliability best a scenario of ending in no cost to you the customer, we like to place emphasis on achieving time scales and budgets available to you.

Fiber Optic Training Course

We are currently offering the training for the Technicians and    students who wish to make a career in Optic Fiber Technology.          

                                                                                              Fig. Microtunnelling for OFC Ducts

The intake is ongoing. You may book online now by clicking on Contact Us button at the Mid Left of this page

Day – 1:

History and Future of Fiber Optics


• Fiber To the Desk

• Fiber To The Home

• K-12 Fiber Optics Networking

• Fiber Optics Safety

• Hands-on Session Begins                

Day – 2:                                                            Fig. Eng. John Wenyaa (UTA Director) in OFC Lab

Fiber Optics Networking Standards

• BICSI, RCDD Certification, CFOT Certification

• Fiber Optics Cable and Connector Identification.

• Outside Plant Cable Introduction.

• Hands-on Session Continues –

Termination of Fiber Connectors,

Splicing (Mechanical & Fusion),

Design & Installation of Fiber Cabling, Introduction to Splicing

Day – 3:

Outside Plant Fiber Cable preparation,termination & testing.

• Introduction to Basic OTDR Functions,

• Use of the OTDR, Power Source and Light Meter Functions

• Continuity Testing, Tools and Equipment

• Safety

• Class Discussion

• Administer and Grade CFOT Test

Test Results & Review, Conclusion and issue of certificates

Book online now by clicking on Contact Us button

 John Wenyaa


General OFC Course

Optic Fiber Training

  • Introduction to Fiber Optics
     What is Fiber Optics
    Fiber Manufacturing methods (Video)
    Fiber Advantages
    Fiber Design
    How Fiber Works
    Fiber types
    Refraction and Reflection
    Numerical Aperture
    Mode-Field Diameter
    What is an Optical Network?
    Optic Fiber Parameters
    Cable Plant Hardware
    Fiber Optic Installation Safety Rules
    Cable preparation and closure assembly techniques
    Slicing: Fusion, Mechanical and Termination Methods
    Choosing a Splice Type
    Cable preparation techniques
    Fusion splicing featuring time saving techniques
    Spice Loss: Cause and Remedy
    Fusion splicer mantainance and cleaning
    Connectors Types
    Polishing Techniques
    Termination Procedures
    Wavelength Division Multiplexing
    Scattering and Absorption
    Cable Types
    Loose tube vs Tight buffer
    Choosing a Cable
    Cable Specifications
    NEC Ratings
    Cable Design Criteria
    Practical Session using the
    following 3M products
     Hot Melt Connectors
    No Polish Connectors
    Volition 45
    Patch Panel
    2552 Scotch Box

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 John Wenyaa


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