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Performance Management

An effective performance management system is a critical part of the strategic management of human resources.  Such a system will link specific objectives and targets of individual employees to the targets of their units/functional areas, whose objectives and targets are in turn linked to the overall objectives and targets of the entire enterprise.

We assist clients develop performance management processes and competency frameworks which are appropriate to their organizations and hold workshops to employees and assessors.

Organizational Transformation

Our expert consultants help organizations in emerging nations bolster their capacities for adapting to and managing change by providing meaningful thought leadership in  

Management Training||

 Organizational restructuring, change management, re-engineering, total quality management and strategic marketing. We particularly strive to ensure that our clients examine their missions and focus scarce resources on key work processes.Through out BPR services, we can assist clients in areas such as organizational goal setting, stakeholder analysis, existing processes mapping and documentation, external best practice review and redesign of processes and new front office and back office interfaces

HR Strategic Management

Through this patience, our experts will asses the alignment between the HR strategies with the business strategy with a view of identifying areas of improvement.  We will examine in detail the work processes, organizational culture, management systems and organizational structure.  Working closely with our clients, we will develop and implement HR policies procedures.

 HR Audit

Through this service, we can assist client to assess the HR activities and identify weakness in the HR processes.



Human Resource Management

We help our clients align human resource systems with business and organizational objectives.  The main focus of our services is:

 HR Audit, organization design and restructuring

Human resources analysis/planning

HR strategic management

Job analysis/job descriptions

Performance management

Privatisation We serve nations striving to create local governments and to open up non-core public service activities to the private sector.  We assist them to enhance capacity and capability in economic analysis, project development, feasibility study, and research and development.  In addition, we offer technical assistance in reengineering and setting performance standards, and performance auditing/evaluations.  Our consultants work with public agencies to instill commitment to privatisation and decentralisation; create executive agencies; bolster creative thinking; build necessary skills; and design structured programs / institutions that increase dialogue between public and private sectors 

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