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At UTA we provide a wide range of products and services to support the telecommunication sector

Some of the services we offer include the following

1.  Rigging services

2. Civil Works for Cable and Mast Foundation

3. Earthing Systems

4. Installation of Radios

5. Maintenance of RF

6. Optimization

7. Instrumentation

8. Security Walls

9. Construction of shelters

10. Alarm Installation                                                                 Fig. TDR for testing detecting network faults

11. Installation of Generators                              

12. Electrical Installations

13. Testing (e.g. Latency)

14. Structured Cabling

15. Fiber To The Homes (FTTH)

16. Training

Other services include:

  • Radio Communication: Installations of radio antennae for communication has been part of our key areas of trade. This includes Strix Systems, Wiremax, VL, Walk Air, VSATs among others for microwave (wireless) communications. This has been done in setting base stations and backhauls, involving configurations to various sectors of the base stations.
  •  Structured Cabling: The standards set by IEEE in setting up networks are rarely followed by most firms. Before running any cables for networks, we do a survey, follow the right procedures by assessing the building, distance with the MDF and office space of the client before rolling out a network for the customer
  •  Voice & Data Communication: We have expertise in configuration of all sorts of PABX and professionally advise clients on the best internet solutions to adopt depending on the nature of the client’s business setup

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