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Radio Networks

There has been a tremendous growth in wireless communication technology over the past decade. The significant increase in subscribers and traffic, new bandwidth consuming applications such as gaming,
music down loading and video streaming will place new demands on capacity. The answer to the capacity
demand is the provision of new spectrum and the evelopment of a new technology – Wideband CDMA
or hereinafter referred to as WCDMA. WCDMA was developed in order to create a global tandard for real time multimedia services that nsured international roaming. With the support of ITU International Telecommunication Union) a specific pectrum was allocated – 2GHz for 3G telecom systems. The work was later taken over by the 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project), which is now  he WCDMA specification body with delegates from all
over the world. Ericsson has for a long time played a very active role in both ITU and 3GPP and is a major
contributor to WCDMA and the fulfillment of the vision of a global mobile telecommunication system. 

RF Equipment & Accessories

We generally provide RF equipment and accessories respected suppliers of cutting edge technology in telecommunications, broadcast and defense communication. The client on request we source equipments and accessories like; Microwave Dishes & Antennas, Feeder cables & Shelters

RF Installations

UTA has the technical capacity to install the WiMax systems, VL, Walk air

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